Friday, October 3, 2003
I have nothing to report of commentate on. This is just a fluff piece. A piece on my favorite music and bands. Let's get started shall we.

AC/DC - If you don't like AC/DC, you must love pop or rap music. AC/DC are the kings of rock. No one can out power or out entertain The Thunder From Down Under

Led Zeppelin - The Godfathers of rock. Amazing sound and power

Pink Floyd - Psychedelic masterpieces were their early stuff. A little strange at first listen, but it grows on you

Bad Company - Paul Rogers has one of the most amazing voices in rock

Jimi Hendrix - Need I say more

Rush - The thinking mans rock and rollers

The Doors - Amazing sound. Jim Morrison was one of the greatest poets while he was alive

The Rolling Stones - Long lasting band with a great blues influenced sound

Indigenous - Great Indian blues band from South Dakota. Mato Nanji has one of the most amazing voices and one hell of a guitar player

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Great young blues man. He's only like 21, but he sounds like he's been playing for twice that long

Koko Taylor - Dear God. Her voice could make a man's knees weak

Stevie Ray Vaughan - The greatest white man to ever pick up a guitar. Died way too early. He just got himself cleaned up and was making a come-back when we was taken

I urge everyone to go out and buy a CD from everyone of these artists. You won't be disappointed.

God Bless America