Friday, October 31, 2003
MORE STORIES ON MOORE has some interesting pieces on that lovable practitioner of tolerance, as long as it's Liberal speech, Michael Moore. I’ll just write out the gist of the stories and you can click the link to read the full stories.

One story talks about Moore's hypocrisy. He goes around this country preaching the evils of corporate America. Do you know how he does this? With the help of corporate America. On his recent tour for his new book, Time Warner sent Moore across the country on a private jet, arranged to have it chauffeured around town in corporate owned SUV's and hired him ARMED bodyguards. Doesn't Moore despise guns? Apparently only when their not protecting his prominent ass.

The second story talks about Moore said that the fires in California that have killed at least 17 men, women and children were the wrath of God for electing Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now that's humane thinking.

God Bless America