Friday, October 10, 2003
This post is about flash mobs and the morons that participate in them. If you've never heard of a flash mob, don’t worry, your not alone, it's when one moron posts on a website a time and place to meet, then other morons go to said location at said time and do something stupid for a few seconds then just disperse.

Examples of flash mobs: recently in Germany, a group of these idiotic morons gathered at a washing machine display in a departments store, ate bananas and left. Or at a Toys ‘R’ Us, hundreds gathered around a dinosaur near the entrance then all fell to the ground, screaming and waving their hands, the quickly left. Flash mobs are technically illegal, because they are disturbing the peace, but police are unable to do anything because by the time they’re able to respond, these low I.Q'ed monkey butt sniffers are gone. There have been no reports of these stupid things happening around where I live, thank God. I'd have to pop some of these jackasses upside the head should I get trapped near one. If I owned a business and one of these asinine things took place, I’d sure as hell lock the door and call the cops. You don't bring your childish crap to me and expect me to play along.

God Bless America