Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Michael Moore has shown his true colors once again. He was a guest recently on CNN's Crossfire, and this is what he had to say about the September 11th hijackers:

"I'd like to ask the question whether September 11 was a terrorist attack, or was it a military attack? We call it a terrorist attack. We keep calling it a terrorist attack.

But it sure has the markings of a military attack. And I'd like to know whose military was involved in this precision, perfectly planned operation. I'm sorry, but my common sense has never allowed me to believe since that day that you can learn how to fly a plane at 500 miles per hour. And you know, when you go up 500 miles an hour, if you're off by this much, you're in the Potomac. You don't hit a five-store building like that.

You don't learn how to do that at some rinky-dink flight training school in Florida on a little video game with PacMan buttons. I'm sorry. I just don't buy that.

And I'd like to know what the involvement was within the Saudi military or the Saudi royal family or what rogue elements within the Saudi regime, whatever it is. I want to read those 28 pages and I want to know what the truth is."

This absolute piece of shit refuses to call them terrorist. First off, you don't learn on a little video game with PacMan buttons. You learn on a full simulator. You know the kind that looks and handles just like a real plane. And to further show how much is head is up his ass, he thinks they learned how to fly these types of plane in a military, then came to America and enrolled in a flight school. What the hell. Why would they enroll in a flight school if they already knew how to fly? The man is just a sorry, worthless sack of crap. Seriously, no matter what your opinions about Bush and the war, you have got to be absolutely delusional to even entertain this ridiculous idea. This ranks right up there with the French claim that all the Jews were told to stay away from work on 9/11. Credit to for the quote and the last few lines in my rant.
God Bless America