Wednesday, November 12, 2003
"As for Reagan, he's been on his deathbed for the last 10 years. Just die already."

This post doesn't have a name because I couldn't think of one. The above quote is from someone I correspond with over a web forum. In a post I said, talking about the hatchet job CBS did with their movie, "The man is on his deathbed, have some respect." and the above was his response. Wow. Wishing someone to die. Why? I don't know. What gets me is he's a life loving Liberal. You know, peace to all, don't kill the murderers and all that. Yet when it comes to Reagan, "Just die already". I read this and was speechless for awhile, just stammering. And I though George "Loony" Clooney saying that Reagan deserved Alzheimer’s because he was president of the NRA was bad, but this is just wrong. Why do so many people hate Ronald Reagan? Because he was tough? Because he didn't take shit from anyone? Or because he stood up for what he believed whether or not it was popular? I'm not too sure. But those are the reasons many people support and defend the man. And the reason we don't want people like the ones at CBS smearing his name.

God Bless America