Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Moorewatch.com has a post about Moore in England during his book tour. The gist of it is that Moore was at Cambridge giving one of his hate speeches. Along for the ride he had armed bodyguards to protect his meaty ass. When asked why he had bodyguards Moore replied "Why do you assume they're security guards? Because they're black?" The writer of the article says it was because of their shaved heads and earpieces. Why is it okay for Moore to have bodyguards who are armed with guns around to protect him, but when you or I do it he calls us paranoid gun nuts who is subscribe to the "culture of fear".

Secondly. In the September issue of NewsMax, the smartest magazine in the country, they have some of their reader’s letters. By the sound of these letters, I'm scared to death of Liberals. Below are some excerpts.
"What a gas to call partial-birth abortion a murder. They fact is that all anti-abortioners should be put to death. They should be rooted out and burned at stakes."

"Nobody lies more than you stinking Republicans! This country would be better off if you were all taken out and shot!"

"Don't worry, people like me will be in power when you guys are hopefully dead and gone."

And lastly from someone from Switzerland. The land of pacifists and peace comes this letter:
"Fuck off American values. You are the scum of the Earth and the shame of humankind. PS. We Swiss are much smarter than you silly Americans; we didn't have to kill anyone to have Saddam's gold in our banks."

You also didn't have to kill anyone to get Hitler's gold. All you had to to was be a coward country and take it up the ass any time anyone tells you to.

Lastly, I would like to welcome a new reader to the thinking mans blog. Ted, welcome and good luck with your blog.

God Bless America