Thursday, November 27, 2003
No, this post isn't about the first porno being made in Iraq. Okay, okay, that was low class and in bad taste, but I'm in a good mood today. It's Thanksgiving. The day in which we celebrate the lies and falsehoods given to the Indians during the time of the pilgrims. I like the general message of Thanksgiving, but not what the truth of it is. I also love the turkey and stuffing. Anyway, back on topic. President Bush made a suprise visit to the troops in Iraq today. This wasn't leaked to the public for safety reasons, that's why we had no idea it happened until after he was back in the air coming home. President Bush made the trip to Baghdad and surprised about 600 of our bravest men and women when he arrived. The President had thanksgiving dinner with them and told them he was proud of the job they were doing in Iraq. Reports have it that they were very excited by his visit and welcomed him there. It's just another reiteration that the U.S. military loves President Bush.

In other news, Sen. Hillary Clinton went the Afghanistan to visit the troops there. I'm sure they were thrilled to have her there. The wife of the man that almost destroyed the military under his watch. I don’t think she will, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she somehow found a way to bash President Bush while there.

A link note. I've taken out the text link for the American Indian Movement. It's now a pic link. I'm sure you can find it.

God Bless America