Friday, March 12, 2004
On a message board I visit, Jake will know the one, someone from England started a thread about the terrorist attacks in Spain. He starts off by saying that he's fed up with Al Qaeda being brought up everytime there's a terrorist attack.

"anyone else fed up with this happening every time there is a bomb attack .... or any terrorist incident.

seriously its pissing me off. im just seriously fed up with the media always reporting refrences to al qaeda ... every single time there is a terrorist attack. since when were they the only terrorist group?

ever since sept 11 this has happened. its obviously that spanish extreme group "eta" ... but suddenly yahoo has the main headline as "qeada linked" .... its getting to the stage where i consider it propaganda.

an american will read it quickly ... not bother to read in depth and think ... wow al quieda were involved. (its a natural thing ... no one ever reads articles fully - most just look at headlines). suddenly people get scare dof more attacks .... and suddenly george bush is the hero who will save everyone .... thansk t ohis war on terrorism.

even during the iraq conflict .. .saddam hussein was linked to al qeada. it seems george bush just uses the words "bin laden" and "al queda" when he wants something now."

He then ends it with,
fuck the government ran american media

I think he's got our media mixed up with someone else's. I guess he either hasn't listened to the reports that al queda have taken responsibility or the BBC just refuses to air that little fact.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing