Saturday, March 6, 2004
This use to be one of the most used headers for my posts, but I haven't done one in awhile. But today I have a good one. Why didn't the media pick up the story of Kerry's affair? Because of no proof? That can't be it. They latched onto the Bush AWOL story like pitbulls on a ham bone with no proof. That windbag Michael Moore and DNC stooge Terry McAuliffe make two unsubstantiated claims that Bush went AWOL and was a deserter. No proof to back them up, yet the media clamped down on it. No proof of Kerry's affair either, yet they just did nothing with it. We could have Clinton Jr. in the White House and the media refuse to cover it. We have a news anchor here who does stories about things that just don't jive right, and he has a phrase he says at the beginning of each story. "Hey, what's the deal?" I think that says it all.
Credit to Mallard Fillmore for the idea
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing