Thursday, March 11, 2004
"Yeeeeaaaaa". We have two sort of victories. The supreme court of loony land California ordered an immediate halt to gay marriages in San Francisco. But that doesn't mean they've been outlawed yet. The California SC will hear will hear the case sometime in May or June. The second victory is in Massachusetts. The lawmakers in Mass. have given preliminary approval to a proposal that would ban gay marriage but allow civil unions. Hey, one and a half for the good guys.

Howard Stern has said that if W signs new indecency legislation into law he will quit. During this morning's show, congressman Gary Ackerman called Stern and told him that he wouldn't sign the bill. Saying that he feels it will easily pass through the right wing-controlled House but that the Senate may veto it. Stern said that even if Bush doesn't sign the bill he may quit. He's tired of being censored every morning.

Two things about this. First, no big loss. Stern has been doing the same thing for what, 20 some years. Get a woman in the studio and have her take her clothes off. And if she doesn't call her a wimp or a coward. It's stale and passe. Second, I'm sure W's re-thinking this now. Stern's threatening to quit his show has Bush freaking out.

Credit toDrudge
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing