Monday, June 28, 2004
My last post was about how I think Moore coached that poor woman in what to say to make the U.S. military seem like nothing but a bunch of heartless monsters. Well, it seems Moore has been caught in yet two more lie in F911. Look at the picture below.
Now, in the movie this guy is identified as Sgt. Abdul Henderson. But look at the two Chevrons on his uniform. Doesn't that signify a Corporal?



There's lie number one. Here's lie number two. As I've stated before, I haven't seen F911, nor do I plan to, but I have seen this scene during interviews with Moore. In this scene, I believe Cpl. Henderson says that he will not let the military send him back to fight in either Iraq or Afghanistan. I don't remember which. But look at his chest. Does anyone see either of these?


Those medals signify that you have fought in the War On Terror in either Iraq or Afghanistan. Cpl. Henderson has neither. That means he did see action in either country.

I wish I could say I was shock about this, but that would be a lie.

Credit: Moore Watch
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