Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Starting Friday, Sweden will role out a new ambulance service. A condom ambulance service. Randy Swedes will be able to call the number 696969, what's that mean, and the service will roll out to their home with a pack of 10 condoms for their use for 50 crowns or $6.72.
"We need to increase the usage of condoms. It is 50 percent about pregnancy and 50 percent about sexually transmitted diseases."
Said Carl Osvald, marketing manager for the Swedish Organization for Sex Education. I guess teaching abstinence is against the law in Sweden. I know the Left would like it to be illegal here in the states. Thankfully this stupid program will only run until the 25th of June. And this is the health care some want in this country? Socialist Health Care, it's easier to get a pack of condoms from emergency services than it is to get help for a heart attack.

Credit: Yahoo!

Let's see how many Big Media outlets cover this story. We all know Ted Sampley. Former Green Beret, and webmaster over at Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry. Well, yesterday at the Vietnam Memorial Wall, candidate waffles flipped him off in front of a bunch of school children. It seems that Sampley noticed Kerry at the wall surrounded by his Secret Service. He then went over to Kerry and said
"Senator, I am Ted Sampley, the head of Vietnam Veterans Against John Kerry, and I am here to escort you away from the Wall because you do not belong here."
Secrete Service then told Sampley to back away from waffles. Sampley then moved back 6 feet away. And opened his shirt to reveal his Hanoi John T-shirt he was wearing underneath. Kerry then began to talk to the group of school children. Sampley then showed his T-shirt to the children and said
"Kerry does not belong at the Wall because he betrayed the brave soldiers who fought in Vietnam."
That's when Kerry, in front of the children, Secrete Service and other visitors flipped Sampley off and yelled
"Sampley is a felon!"
referring to 12 years ago when Sampley broke the nose of John McCain's chief aide, Mark Salter, in a Senate stairwell after McCain repeatedly offended POW families at a Senate POW hearing. But that's your Democratic candidate for president. That's who some want in the White House? If he flips the bird in front of school children when confronted by something he doesn't like, what's he going to do during debates with Bush? Just more proof that Kerry doesn't care for the American soldier.

Credit: NewsMax
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing