Saturday, June 5, 2004


As you should have heard, Ronald Reagan has finally lost his 10 year battle with Alzheimers. This post won't be a long drawn out post. I don't think that's needed. Just short and sweet. Ronald Reagan was the first president that I really took notice of. I was only a year old when he was first elected, but I was 9 when he left office. He's actually one of the first memories that I have as a child. Reagan will always be the model for every Republican politician to aspire to be like. The thing that made Ronald Reagan the greatest president of the 20th century was his unwillingness to compromise to what others thought he should be. When he said he would do something, he did it. A man of his word.
"Wisps of distant memories,
Are dancing in my soul;
The sweetness and the sadness,
Will follow wherever I go.
For I will take you with me,
My heart will hold you near;
While wisps of distant memories,
Will mingle with my tears.

Arms that held me with such strength,
Will hold me still, at night;
In dreams of you, my comfort comes,
Until the morning light.
Then in the dawn of each new day,
I'll look there for your face;
In wisps of distant memories,
Time never can erase.

I'll see you in the evening,
In the setting of the day;
Your memory will hold me near,
You'll never be far away.
When I am standing on the shore,
And waves come crashing in;
I will hear your voice as it whispers,
Upon the ocean wind.

Deep within my shattered heart,
Amid the bittersweet pain;
In wisps of distant memories,
Your love will still remain.

Until I take my final breath..."

Allison Chambers Coxsey

We have every right to dream heroic dreams. Those who say that we're in a time when there are no heroes, they just don't know where to look.
- January 20, 1981