Friday, January 7, 2005
From the future. It's good to speak with you all again. I like to never remembered my password to this. I only have a few minutes. The year is 2045 and it's been hell getting here. Quick background. In the year 2008, Hillary Clinton, with Al Gore as her running mate, ran for president and won. Soon after, all hell broke loose. Al Gore took control of the country from Hillary, imprisoning her in the process. With the reign of General Gore, as he liked to be called, came a wave of uber-Liberal dominance. Within three years everything was outlawed. Smoking, drinking, driving, mowing laws. Everything that sent any kind of pollution into the air was done away with. How did he do this? He destroyed the Constitution. That's right. He ripped it apart on live t.v. declaring that he, General Gore, was in control and that this country was under his rule. As a further demonstration of his power he sold the entire west coast of the country to Japan. You'll see that later. We tried to fight, but it was futile. He sent his own personal army out and they squashed every uprising we staged. So was the way of life until 2024 when General Gore finally passed and his successor, Damon Welch, who was just as mad, took over. But he wasn't as crafty as Gore. Over the next 16 years a few of the uprising began to succeed. Then a few more, then a few more and so on and so on until the year 2040 when the NAFF, or New America Freedom Fighters, were able to storm the White House killing Welch in the process. That was five years ago and it's taken that long to get the country back to any kind of normalcy. Some may be asking how I'm able to do this. Make this post. Well, General Gore had some of the brightest minds in the country working around the clock to invent a way to travel through time. They were experimenting on his other invention, the internet, and were only able to perfect time travel through it. I know how weird this sounds, but it's been 40 years. Look where the country was in 1965. We beg you, please don't let this happen. You can change the future. If not, the country will be broken down to something like this
Oh, one last thing. In 2007, don't let the cartoon character Sammy Sloth become popular. Trust me.