Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas Countdown 6

What is the spirit of Christmas?

A simple enough question. Right? So then, why can't I answer it? Why can't I define what the Christmas spirit is? So I ask you, what is the spirit of Christmas?



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Anonymous said...

I'll have a go at 'nailing-down' 'christmas spirit' (sorry jesus for the bit about the nails).... (even if I am an atheist, I can see merit in some of His teachings).
You're not going to like this John. If you hadn't worked it out already, Jesus was history's biggest liberal, and that whole 'liberalism is a mental illness' thing that John keeps pushing...

Christmas is Jesus' birthday, and as such it is time to celebrate the values that He preached. They were: compassion, forgiveness, charity, humility.

As a Christian nation, America is demonstrating those virtues in Iraq right now.

Compassion: They are putting as many Iraqis 'out of their misery' as they can.

Forgiveness: America forgave the terrorists 'who have trespassed against them', and invaded an unrelated sovereign nation instead.

Charity: America is sharing it's 'high-tech' weapons with as many Iraqi men, women, and children, as they can. America is famous for it generosity, they shared napalm and 'agent orange' with generations of Vietnamese. I'm sure Iraqis will remember US generosity for 'Depleted Uranium' and generations of 'Gulf War Syndrome' suffers.

Humility: Expect to see many people get a share of the 'credit'. Like Don Rumsfeld, Dubya felt compelled to acknowledge how significant Rumsfeld's role was in the result. Bush, what a guy! happy to give credit where credit's due, but probably way too modest to take any credit himself.

Alternatively, if you live in 'The West', you can spend December taking twice as long to buy groceries, spend 25th Dec stuffing your face with excessive amounts of food, in between arguing with people you can't stand , sorry, family.... sit-around eating left-overs for days while you work-out where to go this year to get alcohol-poisoning on 31st Dec.