Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Is Dead

Now rot in Hell, or what ever it's called in the Muslim world.


Anonymous said...

Jehova God created a place for Satan and his fallen angels called hell. A torment and seperation from God for eternity. Humans were never supposed to be there but unfortunatly if an individual does not take Christ gift of salvation; that is where they end up. Saddam is there awaiting final judgement before Hell itself is cast into the lake of fire. Saddam is currently fully aware of his huge mistake about God and Islam.

Anonymous said...

...or alternatively, he's lying dead in a ditch in Tikrit.

He didn't look to worried before they strung-him-up. I mean, he's was getting on a bit, all his toys had been taken from him (the country of Iraq included), and jail has gotta be a real 'bring-down'.
What was there for him to look forward to?

Apart from the score-throat, spasms, and pissing his pants, he probably didn't mind too much about being hung.... maybe a little pissed that 'his people' didn't standby him.
That was more euthanasia than justice (I'll keep the whole 'capital punishment' thing out of it), it just kept a sad old bastard out of jail, and avoided the costs of such jailing.
How thoughtful and thrifty!