Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Deadly Side Of "Going Green"

My house is full of these things. If one ever breaks, I'm screwed.

Apparently they're not that dangerous after all.


Opinionnation said...

I haven't been by in a while... I like the new look of the blog.

Anonymous said...

This looks like those high-efficiency compact fluoro's that the Australian (conservative) government started pushing a few months back. They, like so many neo-cons, get a hard time on environmental issues, and these globes, are to replace the conventional the carbon 'filament' -type light... I've got a few, and they are atrociously bright, and such a white light, and they can't be used with dimmer-switches..
and then there's the potential hazards outlined in OP.
Thanks Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull. The fool couldn't come-up with a comprehensive policy, so he just sought to outlaw the older type light...
And Australian gov. wonders why their electorate think they are useless with environmental issues.
Whether these or a similar replacement represent a good idea, outlawing conventional light-globes isn't a full environmental policy,
oh! wait, they want to introduce Nuke-power (something that isn't used in Australia, and as a suggestion, is as popular stepping in dog-dirt)

** Thanks for highlighting the potential danger, of which I wasn't aware, that is associated with these devices. I think I might just go start hoarding the old-type globes before they are phased-out