Thursday, May 3, 2007

Exposed: The Climate Of Fear

Did anybody else watch this last night? I thought it was pretty good. Finally something that talks about the other side of the debate. And yes, despite what some think, there is a valid "other side" and the debate is not over. Ms. Crow.

I'm not going go into detail. You can read the transcript or watch the repeat of it, but there is one thing I wanted to spotlight. The interview with Martin Eberhard. The man who invented the Telsa. An electric car that I wouldn't mind owning.

Part of what`s gone wrong with so many electric cars that came on before is that they're built by people who thought of driving as a necessary evil and that Americans' driving habits are bad and we`re bad people and we shouldn't do that, and if we would just become better people, why, we can be perfectly happy with this glorified golf cart.
And something Beck points out:
But the point is that these technologies will only be adopted when people want to choose them
Bingo. You can't force change on Americans. When pushed, we tend to push back. We have to want to change. The Prius doesn't make me want to change. It's an ass-ugly car. Al Gore doesn't make me want to change. His vitriol is mind-numbingly boring. You want the average American to become more eco-friendly? Lay of the screaming and badgering and give something we like.

And this is the type of stuff that makes me want to pollute. If for nothing else than to just piss these people off.

And make sure you check out the whole part about the Kyoto Failure.


Anonymous said...

The moonbat convergance is complete now. Environment wackos, Leftists, Socialists, communists, Islamists supremists and the general uneducated and unmannered unwashed peoples of the world.