Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's A Shame

This is a travesty. Something should be done. How can we, as good citizens, just sit back and let real life bite her on the ass? No telling what it could catch.

I'll repeat what I said on my Myspace page. I hope some big, butch dyke traps her in the shower and beats the hell out of her. Maybe it'll actually knock, pun intended, some sense into her.


Anonymous said...

While I can't go along with 'sense being beaten into her' (that would take a lot of beating), I do believe that Paris Hilton is one of the greatest blights on society. The damage done to girls by the unholy alliance of media and Hilton, is massive.
I recently read an article suggesting that ignoring that vacuous Harlot (sorry, typo, 'starlet' was the word they used), as too brainless to be dangerous was a great risk, the 'whatever' dismissiveness that even extends to the court it appears, combined with too many dollars per braincell, to be one of the most damaging messages young girls are getting these days.. no skills, no attention-span, no means to contribute to society (which might be ok for Paris, she can pay someone to do it all for her), but all those girls who think 'that's hot', and have no intention of participating in society (other than as consumers), may get a very rude shock at some stage.