Monday, June 18, 2007

No Shit II

Title: BBC accused of institutional 'trendy left-wing' bias

The hell you say.

I like this part.
Authors of the report called on the corporation to be more "open-minded" in the views it reflects and warned against "bias of elimination" which it branded "offensive".
Open minded. Something many Liberals have no concept of. Being open minded doesn't only mean being okay with homosexuality or being pro-abortion people. It also means listening to and being "open" to points of view that you don't agree with.


Anonymous said...

I find your concluding statement mildly ironic. Conservative media seems to be exactly what you describe liberals to be - unable to listen to anyone else but itself. A good example is in that article I sent you, where Republican candidate Ron Paul made a point (which incidentally, was agreed with by various people from the CIA) and not only did they ignore the point he was making, Fox news slandered him and presented false information about what he said.

By the by, sorry I disappeared. What with my step-mother barely able to speak coherently, I've been a little busy.

Christopher Lee said...

1. This post was about Liberals. Not sure why you brought up Conservative media.

2. Ron Paul is a moron. The second you claim that America is responsible for the attack on September 11 everything you have to say afterwards is tuned out by me. Once you show yourself to be that ignorant I don't care what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Right, so we ought to hold different standards to the Conservative media than what we hold the liberal media to? Gotcha.

Secondly, if you're going to bomb Iraq for 8 to 10 years straight because of a ruler you put in power, help bomb Lebanon in the first invasion of Lebanon and generally support dictatorial regimes in the Middle East, are you really surprised that someone over there is going to bring the fight to you?

I'm sure you can just let those things go as "mistakes" (as you've said in the past), but unfortunately some people still have to live with America's actions - and funnily enough, they're not too happy about it. Perhaps that's something to think on? Actions have consequences.

Also, nothing you just said excuses the fact that Fox lied about what he said.