Monday, June 18, 2007

No Shit

Title: Muslim world inflamed by Rushdie knighthood.

Other titles they could have used:
Muslim world inflamed by Sun being center of Solar System
Muslim world inflamed by women who smile
Muslim world inflamed by Earth being on a 23 degree axis tilt
Muslim world inflamed by batteries being low in their camcorder as they tape their Jihad video
Muslim world inflamed by 8-track tapes

Damn near everything inflames 'em.


Anonymous said...

"Muslim world inflamed by Sun being center of Solar System"
"Muslim world inflamed by Earth being on a 23 degree axis tilt"
I find this funny, as almost all knowledge from before the period the west calls 'the dark ages' was preserved by Islamic scholars. While Catholicism was doing it's level-best to 'keep the masses ignorant', hiding behind Latin, and burning books like they were Enron shares, Islam was emphasising the importance for ALL people to obtain an education.

So while 'the inquisition' was roasting Copernicus over a slow fire for looking towards the sky, astronomers in the east already took for granted the things that Copernicus theorised about, and were happily expanding on that knowledge without the impediment of fear and superstition that characterised Catholicism's regard for science at the time .

Christopher Lee said...

What the hell are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

"What the hell are you talking about?"
I was just musing about the irony of you using the examples from classic astronomy in your 'other titles', in an attempt the characterise Islam as irrational, ignorant, and superstitious?
...when the great knowledge-base that the west takes great pride in possessing was preserved by Islamic scholars for many hundreds of years, while Christian Europe was largely living in mud-huts, ignorant and afraid of the sky, while much of basic knowledge about the solar-system already existed, and was being preserved and expanded on in the middle east. This was a long time before Europe was ready to take its 'genocide-roadshow' over to the Americas. (It wasn't just astronomy, but the whole system of learning. Oxford University [for example] was built of wholesale on documents carried out of Islamic Spain)
Various people have told me that I should never try discussing matters of 'irony' with Americans, I thought that it was an absurd generalisation; that a culture can lack an understanding of a concept.
It's not just that you choose to paint Islam as rash and ignorant, but that you choose to use such iconic pieces of knowledge to do it.

"What the hell are you talking about?"
... the irony of you choice of examples, then again, you'd need to know about Islam's part in the history of western thought, something that has been subject to the systematic 'sanitising' of history for the last 400-500 years (the west seems a little embarrassed that it was history's 'ignorant thugs' for a good part of the last 1500 years).