Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You May Want To Rethink That

Paul Newman thinks that Republicans have destroyed the American spirit. Really? Let's think about this. The American spirit is working hard to earn everything you have and standing up for the little guy. Does that sound like Democrats to you? Because it doesn't to me. Democrats believe that we're entitled to everything from birth and we all know how they feel about taking a stand for people who are in trouble. No, Mr. Salad Dressing, it's not Republicans who have destroyed the American spirit. It's Republicans who are fighting to keep it alive.

And scare tactics? Is he serious? I keep bringing it up, but legalized rape is a scare tactic that a certain Democrat has used. So is reinstatement of the draft, revoking Roe vs. Wade, black churches will burn, taking away our civil liberties, George Bush pushing little old ladies in wheelchairs down a flight of stairs. Please.


Anonymous said...

"...they’ve destroyed the American spirit by using xenophobia and fear to hold onto power."
They have managed to sell the idea that the 'war on terror' is actually a 'war on Islam'. Anyone vaguely Arab-looking is worthy of suspicion, sounds like xenophobia to me.

Anonymous said...

So you're trying to tell me that we're over in Iraq fighting for our freedom? I'm not sure I see your logic. If you think we're "standing up for the little guy" you're insane. I'll agree that it hasn't been the Republicans who have destroyed our American spirit, it's our foreign policies. Lastly, I'm not sure how you can disagree with Newman saying we're having our civil liberties ripped from our constitution.

(Doesn't change my mind about Paul, he's still a douche.)