Friday, March 7, 2008

Former British PM Margret Thatcher Hospitalized

The ex Prime Minister, 82, was being kept in overnight at St Thomas’ Hospital, central London, for “precautionary tests”.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said Thatcher was in a "stable" condition and speaking to the medical staff.

She was taken ill at 10.15pm and returned to her Pimlico home before being whisked to hospital. Lady Thatcher’s health has deteriorated in recent years and she has had a number of strokes.
The Sun

Now, we need to keep an eye on The Huffington Post. If you'll remember, when Nancy Reagan went into the hospital last month, their "open minded, tolerant, progressive" readers wished for her to die. Saying

collapse: the old bat will probably steal every thing in the hospital room. if she croaks, does she have to give her free house back, cause i guarantee you michael reagan ain't getting tiddly

Klip: Like her evil husband she has lived far too long..Here's hoping the Hag suffers for several weeks then croaks in the tub.

youthrewaspark: "The saddest day of my life was the day John Hinckley missed." --Kiki & Herb

doctordawg: Sounds like her legs are having trouble supporting the weight of her conscience. She'll be fine with her bottomless millionaire healthcare coverage. Remember, she actually does have a choice. Only the good die young.