Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Story That Won't Die

And nor should it. Some of you may remember DeoDuce. She has a Myspace page and she posted this on there a few days ago. I wanted to put it up here because I think it's a good piece. There's one part where she says "we Whites". She's not White so just ignore that part.

I throw up in my mouth a little every time I hear Obama on the radio. I seriously can’t believe people are falling for his complete load of crap. I am all for racial equality and eliminating racism (on both sides), but Obama is possibly the biggest sham known in American history. He attends Trinity United (for 20 years!!), which teaches an extremist afro-centric theology that has nothing to do with the actual Bible. The pastor (more like charlatan), Jeremiah Wright, uses sexual gestures and profanity on the pulpit, which is downright blasphemous. Wright also has frequently preached anti-white, anti-US sermons which many of you have probably already heard. Obama has vaguely "denounced" some of Wright’s comments, but as we heard in his speech on race yesterday, refuses to outright disown or disavow Wright’s involvement in his life. Nay, he calls Wright "family." Obama’s donations to Trinity, long-time attendance of Trinity, marriage at Trinity, childrens’ baptisms at Trinity, and the fact that Wright was on Obama’s campaign as a "spiritual advisor" simply shows that Obama either thinks Trinity’s philosophy is not a big deal, or he agrees with it.

Can you imagine if it were a WHITE senator running for President who attended a church that preached whites-only theology? He would be violently protested and be laughed out of the room, by blacks AND whites.

Obama tried to justify black rage in his last speech by saying we whites just don’t understand Wright because of all the racism blacks have experienced. Well, you know what? I’ve been the victim of racism. My maiden name is Arabic and I’ve been called a "sand nigger," "towel head," "terrorist," and a "camel f*****." After 9-11 my family got prank phone calls from random people looking up Arab names in the phone book. I get searched everytime I get on a plane. I was on the government’s terrorist "watch list" because of my last name. I got heckled in high school after 9-11. So, I sort of understand racism a little bit, but I don’t take out my rage and say "God d*** America," and I don’t make sexual gestures when referring to the US government. I, of all people, am more closely related to the Iraq war than most. But I don’t turn my past injustices into rage. I don’t buy into the victim mentality that Obama is propagating. I don’t want reperation for being called the n-word because I know life isn’t fair.

I love black people. I think they are a strong race that has survived numerous evils. I was talking to a little old lady at our local Wal-Mart and she once told me some white guy called her a "nigger." I told her if I ever heard anyone call her that I would stand up for her and make sure the offending person knew what a jerk they were for saying that.

In the end, Obama and Wright and Trinity are only serving to fan the flames of racism and victimization; they are keeping racism alive because it is their identity. Wright’s words and actions (traveling to Libya with the openly-anti-Semitic Farrakhan), only serve to spread the message of hate and bile, not the message of the Bible.

The Bible says we are known for the fruits we bear. In other words, a true Christian will have good qualities, and a false witness will bear poor qualities. I have a hard time doubting that Wright is a true Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ, because Wright’s life and the fruits he bore as a pastor were exactly what Jesus preached against.


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This is an exceptional piece - well written and on target. Thank you for sharing it with us - please let her know it is appreciated!

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