Wednesday, March 5, 2008

President Bush: We Must Get Off Oil

President Bush said Wednesday that the United States has to "get off oil" to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers and declared "it should be obvious" that high demand is creating painful gasoline prices.
Agreed. We have a potential supply of oil in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico. We need to tap into that and see how much is there. That could temporally alleviate the pain at the pump. Then we need to set a deadline, according to how much oil we can get out of those two sites, on when we should have a viable, affordable renewable resource. While most of our oil comes from Canada and Mexico, we get far too much of it from countries that support terrorism. We're helping their economies while killing ours. I wonder how much of the money we've spent on oil from the Middle East may have went into the bombings of the WTC and the embassies in Africa? I wonder how much of it may have went into killing Israelis? How many attacks has our money helped fund?


Unknown said...

Godd post..agreed!