Friday, October 3, 2008

Short Story

A few years ago I had a blog that I started that was just for random junk. Endorsements, album and movie reviews and the like. One or two of my long time readers may or may not remember it. I also posted two short stories that I'd written. In the coming days I'm going to post one of those stories for people to read. I'm not sure why. It's not that well written, I'm no English major. Hell, I barely passed English in school, but I feel it's a good story none the less. It's written in journal form and so there is a font that I like that I feel makes the story better. You can download it here. It's free and virus free. I uploaded it myself. It's a True Type font, not sure if those work with Apple or not. All I have to do is do some proof reading, correct some of the continuity mistakes and think of a title.

Some things I forgot to mention. 1) it's a cheesy Vampire story, 2) there is some language that some might not be fans of and 3) I called it a short story but it's more like a blip of a story. If it were published it would be more like a pamphlet than anything. It's all ready to be posted, and it will be come Monday. I've even been so pretentious at to have made a cover image for it as if it were an actual book. That was just done on a whim.