Thursday, October 23, 2008

United Socialist States of America

I didn't write this. I just copied from a friend. Hopefully she won't mind me posting it.
So go back in time and look at China approximately 60 years ago, or Russia in the early 20th century. As a matter of fact, go read any history book about a nation that is currently communist, and you'll see some parallels. The frightening thing is that those parallels will be drawn between the United States right now, and those countries back then before they turned Red.

Some commonalities on nations about to go Socialist/Communist:

1. Economic turmoil - most people do not have a basic understanding of market economics, nor of supply and demand. Most people do not realize that full employment in a market economy is 95% (which makes our current unemployment rate of around 7% not that big of a deal in the long run). Therefore, people start panicking and demanding that the government "do something." During this time of panic and anxiety over economic distress, the socialists and communists are most effective at spreading their message of "hope," "peace," and "jobs," to the mainstream.

2. Political turmoil - George Bush got us into a sticky situation with Iraq and Afghanistan (never mind that the same liberals denouncing him today as some evil dictator are the same ones who actually voted to go to war all those years ago). In each nation about to fall socialist/communist will have experienced some sort of political upheaval before the drastic overcorrection to the left. Whether it's a large-scale scandal or a series of unsuccessful wars, these are factors that allow the communist party's false promises to be absorbed more readily by regular Americans.

3. Class hostility - whether it's by the mainstream media or pamphlets discreetly passed around college campuses, the communist's party main goal is to incite hatreds towards the haves by the have-nots. Nevermind that the haves worked to be where they are at. I don't want Paris Hilton's money, even though she is a dolt and probably hasn't done a productive thing in her 27 years of life. It's her money and she should keep it. Once the illiterate/ignorant lower classes/mainstream masses become enraged at the communists' prodding at the perceived "unfairness" of the current situation, the stage is set for a communist or socialist takeover.

4. Communist Party Takeover of Media Outlets - currently, think CNN, MSNBC, Reuters, AP, etc etc. The leftist ideology is already in place at these networks, which is why Obama is even still in this race. If it weren't for the complete media blackout on anything negative about Obama, he wouldn't even be a viable candidate at this point. Our current mainstream media situation is very reminiscent of state-run media, where the ruling party controls the information to the people. If Obama does take office, it's likely the Fairness Doctrine will pass, effectively silencing conservative programming on radio and tv. That's how the communists keep power - by taking power and then silencing the opposition. So the stage is set in the US right now for this to happen next month.

I cut some of it because of length.