Thursday, October 9, 2008

John McCain & Big Government

On September 5 I wrote the following
I will support John McCain and I will vote for him come November. And I will do so without a doubt in my mind that he is the right man and is exactly what this country needs.
Well, how things can change within the span of a month. First McCain rode the government bailout for all it was worth thinking it would help him. Surprise, surprise it didn't. The American people didn't want that crap. Now he wants the government to buy up bad mortgages. McCain has been the one railing against big government and government spending and now he's advocating giving government more power. What the hell? As it stands right now, I'm back to sitting this election out.

And as for the debate the other night. Again, I didn't watch it but from what I heard McCain was, once again, too soft. Why he won't go for the kill is beyond me. Yeah, we get that Obama wants to raise taxes. Give us details. When he looses this election, we lose America with Obama in the White House.

There's No Need To Fear
The Federal Government Is Here


Unknown said...

ha ha!
you were backing a closet leftie!