Sunday, November 9, 2008

Backward Rednecks

Oklahoma is full of backwards looking fools who can't handle Change. At least in the eyes of David Averill. I love living here more than ever now. Every county went Republican this year. We're not fooled by the empty, undefined promise of "Change". Republicans, if you want to live in a solid Red state, although we have a Democrat for Gov., come to Oklahoma. We'll make this our electoral equivalent of California.
The big question hanging over the presidential vote in Oklahoma is whether and to what extent the vote against Obama was based on race.
You gotta throw race in there.


Tami said...

I am proud to say that Arkansas was a McCain/Palin state.
I am not afraid of change, however I am afraid of the types of change I have heard from our President elect.

I can only hope that change includes "his" Support of our Troops. That is change I can get behind.


Deoduce said...

Missouri went red, too, although not every county was pure. My county was, though. :)

Just sittin' here clinging to my guns and my religion!

Christopher Lee said...

See, you have your God and Guns and I have neither. What am I supposed to cling onto? I guess I could grab a hold of Hope. The Hope that we'll emerge out of the next four years without Lord Barackus and his Nut Troopers in Congress totally screwing us up and over.