Thursday, November 13, 2008

The People's Album

Venezuelan dictator, Hugo Chavez, is releasing an album. I, your humble blogger, have been able to procure an advanced copy of his album.

It's a Techno/Dance album and DJ Vez, has he likes to be called, is pretty good. He can lay down some pretty phat beats. Some hard, fast, driving songs on here. There are only six songs on the disk, but it runs just under 45 minutes, so you get plenty of music. Below is the track listing.

1. Fidels Groove
2. Rights Are Overrated
3. Viva La Revolution (DJ Guevara Mix)
4. Heartache
5. Big Dick.Tator
6. Socialist Dream (Barack Obama Change 2008 Remix)

Heartache is a strange song. It's sort of a love song. Odd that it would be here, but it works. Viva La Revolution is good. But Socialist Dream is the best one. You really feel the hope coming through. "Fear Not/We're Here To Help/Blind Like A Sheep/It's All Under Control". Amazing. This is an Album Of The Year candidate for sure.


Deoduce said...

If there was any doubt in my mind that we are not related somehow, it's permanently been banished.

Well done, my friend.

Unknown said...

"Venezuelan dictator"
You got his location correct... one out of two isn't so good.
why 'dictator'?
...other than you've gotten used to hearing him called that?
Is it that he is highly critical of George jnr? (they both have the same policy regarding banks/big business!)
Because for someone you call dictator, he has not only enjoyed the popular vote in his own country for several elections, but is an inspiration for much of Latin America.

I understand that he shares a different set of political ideals than the regular folks at this blog, but that doesn't make him a dictator, and nor does the number of times US media call him that.

I'd be interested to hear (a reasonable argument, rather than all the dogmatic anti-left closed-discourse that passes for reason here lately) what makes this democratically elected leader a 'dictator'.

He openly advocates socialist policy, but once again, that does not make him a dictator

All these extreme terms being thrown around here lately doesn't really add to the credibility of those using them.

Still, my favourite for the 2008 'lost the plot' award would have to be for some incoherent nonsense about 'the new US fascist government sending people to gas-chambers!' - John K come on down!
...and you wonder why I get such a laugh out you guys?

Unknown said...

While I think of it, Chavez took a referendum to his people, regarding proposed reforms.
On a scale with Democracy in it purest form on one end, and authoritarian, dictatorial style of leader on the other - a leader who puts decisions to a vote of his people doesn't get much further from 'dictator'.

In the case of Chevez's referendum, it didn't pass, but the point is that he asked his people and listened to them - try and name a few leaders who have done that recently?

I'm no Chavez fan, I just hate seeing words like 'dictator', 'fascists', 'socialist' thrown around like they are just words to call someone you don't like.

Try this, if the democrats are half as bad as you all make out, what words will you have left to describe the atrocities when they get around to screwing the place up that you haven't already used as a synonym for 'idiot'?

protip: understatement is more effective than hyperbole

Christopher Lee said...

Maybe I call him a dictator because I believe he is one. Or maybe I'm just making a joke for the sake of the post. Or maybe it's to illicit such a reaction from his fans. I don't know.

And laugh? No, you're jealous because I believe, and I could be wrong, that we're the only country to ever elect a minority leader. England's never had a Black or Indian PM. France has never had a Black or Arab president. Australia nor Canada has never had a Black PM. Once again, America is ahead of the rest of the world. Maybe, when people look for racism, they should look closer to home instead of automatically looking towards America.

Christopher Lee said...

That shouldn't be "illicit". What word was I trying to think of?

Unknown said...

I suspect 'elicit' is the word you are after (it's a similar homonym).
... so what fans of Chavez are you eliciting a response from? Me, I just find it a bit absurd that only a few weeks ago you, Chris, were complaining about being called a nazi, a racist, a homophobe, saying something like the left (socialists) call anyone who doesn't agree with them these things (or words to that effect, sorry if I can't remember exactly what you said).

... and I agree, and don't much like any part of the political spectrum throwing outrageous terms of political extreme around, it really is difficult to take someone seriously who does that.

In it's most extreme form (such as John K jnr) 'taking him seriously' isn't the trouble I have, it's not pissing my pants laughing. There really is nothing funnier than someone who uses extreme political language in the belief that they are conveying something worthwhile - it's like those idiots from the WSO (world socialist something..) who call each other 'comrade', how do the do that without bursting into laughter?

jealous that america's elected a minority leader? what's to be jealous of? I don't see anyone here so happy about it.
President Obama? You are welcome to keep your minority leader, you people voted for him, now you gotta put up with him. Good Luck with that!

Oh. Australia would need black people to have a black PM. Australia is credited with one three UN-recognised acts of genocide in the 20th Century.