Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Day America Died


Tami said...

God rest her weary soul.


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

This is indeed a sad time for America. Your pic pretty much says it all

Deoduce said...

I am becoming more optimistic. In fact, I am oozing smugness. Obama is going to screw us over royally, but we are going to see his downfall, along with the destruction of the Extreme Left because they will have no excuses over the next four years. Anything and everything that happens will be on Obama's shoulders. Then, we can all shout a collective "I told you so" at the crazy liberals.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I can see a positive outcome here, Chris (and others) seems convinced that Obama and the Democrats are the greatest evil imaginable; but as they haven't been in power, has had to settle for blogging about what they WOULD do.
Now that a Democrat is in power Chris now has the opportunity to apply himself to being critical of what the Democrats ARE doing, a kind of 'freedom fighter'... Deoduce seems to have warmed to the task, and like jake.w I look forward to the lulz

I look forward to all the confusion of liberal democracy with socialism, and further suggestion that Obama will ruin the country.

You know, if Obama's as bad as you all make out, before long the economy will be in a mess, and you'll be fighting wars you can't neither afford, nor need, and if you are really unlucky Obama might reform a health system that I recently read isn't working... wow! you folks are in for a rough 4 years... I mean, what could be next!? (unless someone introduces your new pres to 'gun culture' up close) - he wouldn't be the first upperty 'community organiser' that got put in his place.

(that 'community organiser code for black' claim was one of the biggest laughs I've had in a while, apart from the fact that of 60-70 community organisers that I know (call it a work place hazard) only about 15 or 20 are black, someone really ought leave linguistics to linguists - subtext and discourse isn't that person's strong point)

Anonymous said...

Chris said: The day America died.

A bit much don’t you think, Chris? Three days later and America is still alive and well.

Far from this being “the day America died,” I think American citizens exercising their right to vote and elect their next President (in record numbers) is something to celebrate. When you participate in a democracy sometimes you may not like the results. In my opinion, it’s how those people respond that indicates a healthy respect for the democratic process.

Anonymous said...

I acknowledge the death of a once great nation which now has been reduced to a turd world contry; like Australia..

Anonymous said...

"Country" or collection of libral freaks..See Facists/Racists.
Now that the Facists are in power; can it be long before the whites and the anyone other than Hard left is shuttled to the Gas Chambers? (See Phol Pot of Cambodia)