Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Election Today


Don't know if you've heard or not, but there's an election today in the state of Massachusetts that holds some pretty serious ramifications for the country. If Scott Brown is able to pull off the most uphill political battle of all time he could potentially be the vote that saves us from an out of control government.* But like I said, it's an up hill battle. When all is said and done, with so much power at at stake, I think Brown could have this election stolen from him. We'll need to see just how many names show up more than once or how many kids, athletes or dead people voted for Coakley.

*As it turns out, it may not matter if Brown wins or not because Progressives have enough votes to ram whatever they want down our throats. They have more than enough votes in the House and if push comes to shove the Senate has already threatened the "nuclear option" where in they only need 51 votes. So if Scott Brown does win it won't have an impact on the Obama Agenda, but rather it'll be more of a barometer of the will of the people. But they've already shown they don't care about us.