Thursday, January 14, 2010

How The Mighty Have Fallen

The Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll shows 50% say they would probably or definitely vote for someone else. Fully 37% say they would definitely cast a ballot against Obama. Meanwhile, just 39% would vote to re-elect the pres. to a 2nd term, and only 23% say they definitely would do so.
Whoops. This man has dropped faster than Paris Hilton's underwear, if she wore any, at, well, anywhere men are. I don't know.
Hotline On Call


Anonymous said...

Thanks to All Our Men and Women Who Put Their Lives on Line For Us. God Bless You and WE Love You. Come Home Safe. You All Are In Our Prayers.

Ann (Breyette)Lawson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything You and Your Fellow Men & Women Do to Protect Us and the United Satates Of America.We Miss You All and Love You Too. You Got Family Who Wants to see You All Come Home Safe.God Bless You All & We Loves You Too.

Ann( Breyette )Lawson