Sunday, January 10, 2010

Negro In Chief

Harry Reid says the word Negro and President Obama forgives him. Negro even appears on the 2010 census.
Many older African Americans identified themselves that way, and many still do
Some Blacks refer to themselves as "Nigga" or even "Nigger". Does that mean they should be on there? So, anyway, it seems that the word is, once again, okay to use. Does that mean we can call Obama the Negro President? Maybe if you're a Democrat. It does, however, make me wonder what would have happened had, say, Glenn Beck said what Sen. Reid said. "Light skinned with no Negro dialect". Could you imagine the monumental Hell storm that would erupt. I mean, Senators would be saying that he had to be driven out.


The Watchman said...

Not if you are a white man. Nope!

As a true native American, you can say, Nigga, Nigger, Cracker. And that is cool. But me being a Cracker (AKA White man) I can not use them words. But you can and they can, just not me. Nope!

So what is a Cracker going to do?

Call them PLOP'N FOOL'S"

Not much more I can do.

And thanks Chris

SSG_E said...

You see this from Gateway Pundit? The African Americans for Harry Reid Facebook page has 5 members, 4or whom are white. Hilarious.

Unknown said...

The problem isn't the 'N word', but some folks using 'the 'N' word' to highlight a superficial differences, that some people are seemingly always looking for racial difference and the opportunity to use racially sensitive terms - that's the problem.

I'd like to thank The Watchman for demonstrating an absurd belief... that it is socially acceptable for Chris as native american to use the racially derogatory terms 'nigger' and 'cracker'.
Wut? Is this an extension on the idea that only a white person can be racist? ...that any other racial/ethnic denominations are free to 'go to town' on the racially abusive terms and that it's somehow not offensive?
That is truly the work of a feeble mind!'s the same kind of stupidity that coined the term 'reverse racism' - that sort term highlights a complete failure to understand what racism is.
Racism is prejudice or discrimination on racial basis. In a fundamental sense, this especially applies to some people's urge to rush to distinguish or differentiate between people on the basis of skin colour - which relates to pigmentation for Christ's sake, and not a central social concept worthy of causing social division, and a basis on which to judge people or form groups to categorise or stereotype people with.
In the case of the OP, it's Chris' rush to label pres Obama a 'negro president', and 'negro in chief' as though this term relating to skin pigmentation is somehow relevant to his capacity to perform the office of president.
More alarming is the need to reduce a person to his skin colour - negro president, negro in chief.
Under this social construct, he is not 'the president of the united states' or 'commander in chief', a 'normal' person performing the task. Instead the office is diminished by the colour of his skin.