Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Obma Lie?

Obama once said that a health care bill shouldn't be passed without a sizable majority, but apparently he didn't really believe it.


Silke said...

Both the House and the Senate did pass health care bills with sizable majorities. Now it's up to the House to pass the Senate's version and for both houses of Congress to pass some fixes through budget reconciliation.

SSG_E said...

You call 5 votes in the House a sizable majority??

Nonsense. It also only passed the senate on a partisan line vote and to do that the dems had to bribe at least 2 senators and intimidated untold others. Even in the House the dems had to buy off other dems. This whole process has been corrupted from the beginning. Bribery, intimidation, lies, payoffs- it's the Chicago way!