Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Destroy It

If you watched Glenn Beck's show yesterday then you saw his opening monologue in which he talked about how he feels that things are starting to boil over and how someone could do something that could totally destroy everything the Tea Party and 912 protesters have fought for. Some people may even want some dope to commit some act of violence so that and media and the government will in turn latch onto and make seem as if it's indicative of the entire movement. We see it all the time whenever there's a real or imagined act of racism stemming from one person. It's made to seem like we all think the same. That the whole movement is based on racism. All it will take is one act of ignorance to bring it all down. And I'm afraid it's coming. There are nuts out there and I just feel that one of them will do something stupid that's going to ruin everything. If you know someone who's saying stupid things or if you attend a rally and you see or hear someone, do something for the love of God. Remind them to be more like MLK and less like Bill Ayers & SEIU.

Exactly what I was talking about above. Some like Rep. Clyburn continue to poke and prod people to cause them to lash out in anger so the media and government can have their "I told you so moment".


Silke said...

You’re actually blaming Rep. Clyburn for this? If words matter than what about Glenn Beck’s speech to CPAC? He called progressivism a cancer in America and stated:

"We need to address it as if it is a cancer. It must be cut out of the system because they can not coexist. …You must eradicate it.”

I agree with you that the fringe elements in this debate don’t represent all the opponents to HCR. I just hope you remember that the next time you complain about something outrageous the other side does.

Mandalore said...

Don't be intellectually dishonest. Beck is not calling for violence and you know it. He means that it must be defeated electorally.

It is true that progressivism cannot coexist in a Constitutional Republic. The entire progressive movement is premised on 'progressing' beyond the Constitution. The progressives working to destroy the Constitution are the people that must be cut out of the system, not the idiots who just say that they are progressive but don't know what it means.

Christopher Lee said...

I'm not blaming Rep. Clyburn for anything. What I said was that there are people who continue to poke, poke, poke with things like this and calling people teabaggers and racist and homophobic and having the president mock them trying to get a reaction so they can have their "aha" moment.

Silke said...

Chris, you call denouncing threats and racial slurs a provocation? You are turning logic on its head my friend. You have some nerve condemning Rep. Clyburn while at the same time remaining silent about some of the ugly things that have actually happened.

I do not believe Glenn Beck is calling for violence but if Chris can criticize Democrats and others in the media and government for speaking out against real (not imagined) threats by a few cranks, I can sure condemn Glenn Beck for his rhetoric. I wonder if Chris sees the irony in his criticism of the entire government and the media based on the actions of a few all the while complaining about their tendency to do the same.

Christopher Lee said...

Silke, you're the one who's always wanting rock solid proof of things. Do you have any that proves these morons who're saying these racist and homophobic things are actual Tea Party protesters and not people who've come there specifically to try and stir things up or are you just making assumptions? Through every Tea Party protest that has taken place and the 912 protest last year there wasn't one act of violence and now, all of a sudden, there's threats and slurs and acts of violence. Now, I don't know if they're caused by actual Tea Party protesters or not. I hope they're not, but it does seem a little...convenient. And it might be something worth looking into.

Silke said...

No, Chris. I do not have proof that Tea Party protesters are responsible for every single incident. But I do have a brain. To assume most of these people are plants meant to make the Tea Party protesters look bad seems incredibly unlikely – a few maybe…but certainly not all of them. You don’t seem to concede any of them could be Tea Party protesters. Given all the anger that you and many others have been expressing about HCR for the past few months is it really that improbable? If evidence comes out later that many of these people were plants I will be happy to post about it and admit I was wrong. Will you do the same?
Here’s one story that might interest you:

"And, among other incidents, somebody cut a propane line attached to a grill at the Virginia home of Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello's brother. Tea Party activists had posted the address online, apparently believing it was the congressman's.

Mike Troxel, the blogger who posted the address online, told Fox News' Alan Colmes that he was encouraging voters to go to Perriello's house.

"I think people should have the right to have access to their, um, public officials," he said. When asked if the children of public officials should be harassed at their house just because they're related, Troxel said, "You know, I think that's a burden that comes with being an elected official."

Christopher Lee said...

Of course every one of these incidents could be caused by Tea Party protesters. Like I said, I hope their not because these morons could kill the whole movement with one act of ignorance. And this Troxel d-bag should go to jail just for post his address. As for his comment about their kids and it being a "burden", well, I already called him a d-bag.

Opinionnation said...

the media is hoping for something to happen that will diminish the very real arguments against government intrusion...

the "Tea" people should just sit back and let the Dems hang themselves.

Christopher Lee said...

the "Tea" people should just sit back and let the Dems hang themselves

True, but sadly some won't. There's a reason the civil rights protesters won and groups like Weather Underground didn't. Although, you can become a friend to the president.