Friday, March 5, 2010

Hell Yeah!

I am all for this. Our last great president on our currency? Let's do it, but not on the $50. Get rid of that ass Jackson and put him on the $20. Dems are complaining that Reagan is too controversial. BS. Andrew Jackson, that Great White Indian Killer, is far more controversial than The Gipper.


Harvey said...

Reagan's legend will only rise as the decades and centuries go by. This is a man who arrived as President at precisely the most pivotal moment in the last 1,000 years: Andropov rising in the USSR with two superpowers in deadlock and ready to blow...and Dutch had the guts and smarts to step on the accelerator with rhetoric and money to defeat the Empire. Which he did, in spectacular fashion. The world was never as close to mass extinction as it was then, and one man faced it down and won. On the currency first, and then on to Rushmore. Hail the Great One, Ronald Reagan.