Monday, July 12, 2010

Black Power

We don't owe [the whites] nothing in South Africa...we give him 24 hours to get out of town, by sundown. That's all. If he won't get out of town by sundown, we kill everything white that ain't right in South Africa. We kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the babies. We kill the blind, we kill the crippled, we kill 'em all. We kill the faggot, we kill the lesbian—goddammit, we kill them all.
Khalid Abdul Muhammad, former chairman of the New Black Panthers. So wanting to kill White people is nothing new for them.

Glenn Beck brought up a good point on his show today. Why are some in the media more concerned with Mel Gibson than these people who are getting away with voter intimidation and calling for people to be killed?


SSG_E said...

The crazies are now running the insane asylum. Violence is not far away. The left is just waiting for a moment of maximum opportunity.