Thursday, July 15, 2010

Star Trek In Todays World II

Now, just bare with me here. I'm going to talk about Trek a bit but it applies to the world we live in today. I've been watching my favorite Trek series, Enterprise, and I'm on season 4. More specifically the Vulcan storyline. In it the Vulcan's have lost their way over the years from the teachings of Surak. His original writing have been lost for centuries and all that remain are what's been passed down, and those are open to interpretation. They've been corrupted by the High Command, their government. It's kind of like what's going on in the country today. Our government, and it's citizens, have lost their way from what our founders intended this country to be. We have their writings but they're not followed and some are being interpreted incorrectly. In the storyline they find Surok's original writings and they change their entire culture back to the way it was intended. One of the episodes is called "Awakening". This country's going through it's own awakening with people finally realizing that our government is corrupt and things need to change before we destroy ourselves.

If you have Netflix check out the disks of season 4 with the episodes "The Forge", "Awakening" & "Kir'Shara" and see how closely they match with what's going on today.