Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pride Parades

There's been stories in the news lately about all the Gay pride parades that have taken place. There's also parades to show pride in the city you live, ones to show pride in your race, unless you're White, and so forth. And it got me to thinking, what other kinds of parades could we hold to celebrate things we have no control over? I want to hold a Brown Eye pride parade. I love my brown eyes. Or how about a Brunette pride parade? My Favorite Color Is Purple pride parade? I Love Beer pride parade? Wait, that's St. Patrick's Day. There's hundreds of pride parades that we're missing out on people. Contact your local City Hall and let's get moving.


BetteJo said...

Kind of pisses me off that they have taken over the rainbow, and the word pride.

The company I work for hung a 'pride' flag for the month celebrating gay pride - whenever that is - and they had so many complaints it's never been done again. I mean - no one ever hung a heterosexual flag for me! Equal protection under the law is good enough. Special protection, no.