Thursday, September 2, 2004
Well, it's Thursday. The last day of the Republican National Convention. I've never watched a convention before. I always thought they were slow and boring. Boy, was I ever wrong. This thing has been a blast to watch. From Rudy and Zell Miller's house-bringing-down speeches to Brooks & Dunn blowing the roof of the place. I wish I was there. W's really going to have to bring out the big guns tonight. The Economy, Iraq, Healthcare and a few Kerry jabs to boot. Also, did anyone notice the second round of applause Kerry got lastnight? That's why we're better. Do you thing the Dems would cheer for Bush? Hell no. I look for Bush to get Kerry his third round of applause tonight. We might not like the man, but we respect the service. One last thing. If Bush comes out of this convention with a larger bounce then Kerry, what's the excuse Dems will use to justify Kerry's one point bounce? It sure couldn't be "There's such a small amount of undecided voters".

And I think I've got my computer back in working order. I've been screwing with it all morning and I think I fixed it. I hope, anyway. But being the eternal pessimist, I'm expecting to mess up again at anytime.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing