Sunday, September 12, 2004
Jane Fonda and John Kerry are traitors to this country. I'm not playing around with words here. I'm not talking about not liking them or what they did during the Vietnam war, I'm being serious. They both committed acts of treason and I'm wondering why they're not sitting in prison right now. First, Jane Fonda. We all know how she went to North Vietnam and posed for pictures with Viet Cong. Which is bad enough on it's own. But there are things I never new about. Here's some of the acts of treason she committed during the war:

Between July 8-22, 1972 Jane Fonda went to Hanoi. During her visit she made radio broadcasts to American and South Vietnamese encouraging mutiny and desertion telling them that the U.S. was responsible for war crimes.

She visited American POW's then reported in her broadcasts that they were being well cared for and that they, the POW's, wished to convey their sense of disgust of the war and their shame for what they have been asked to do.

The famous photo of Fonda sitting in a Vietnamese antiaircraft gun surrounded by North Vietnamese military.

This has to be the sickest think I've ever heard. As she was leaving Vietnam, she accepted a ring from the North Vietnamese made from the wreckage or down American aircraft. I wonder if she still wears it.

This piece of human filth should be rotting away in prison right now.

And now for the criminal John Kerry. We keep hearing from the Left that Bush is a criminal. That he started an illegal war. John Kerry is an honest to God criminal. There's hundreds of instances of crimes committed by John Kerry, but I'm only going to talk about one. This also goes under the heading of Treason. In 1970, John Kerry, who's call name in 'Nam was "Boston Strangler", sound real antiwar don't it, was released from Active Duty and transferred to the Naval Reserve (inactive). Being on Naval Reserve, Kerry would have carried a Naval Reserve ID card, he was still receiving Naval pay and he would have had continuing obligations to report to official Navy requests for training and to respond to any Navy inquiries advanced to him. Meaning that he was still in the Navy. He was still a Sailor. He wasn't official considered removed from the Navy until 1972 when he was placed on Standby Naval Reserve (inactive). Here's where the crimes of treason occurred. 1971, still a Sailor in the USN, John Kerry began his antiwar activities which included:

Meeting with the enemy in Paris which provided aid and support to the North Vietnamese Communists in the form of radio broadcasts aimed at encouraging U.S. soldiers to lay down their arms and desert the military.

His testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Calling for a complete U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam and to abandon the government of South Vietnam. In other words, surrender on their terms then payment of damage reparations to the Communists.

Telling slanderous lies in public speeches in order to malign the purpose and morality of the U.S. service men fighting and dying in Vietnam.

All this activity during 1971 is illegal because, still being in the military, it is in direct violation of the obligations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which prohibited him from making adverse charges against the chain of command or statements against his country, especially in time of war.

John Kerry is a criminal and I'm just wondering why he's not in prison right now and why Big Media isn't picking this stuff up. It's a matter of public record. All along I've called Kerry a hero for what he did in 'Nam. Not any more. I still respect his service, but John Kerry is no hero. He's a coward and a traitor to the United States. If he wins in November, this country is fucked.

Credit: Unfit For Command
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing