Thursday, September 9, 2004
As we all know, Bush has been getting bounces in every poll out there. Some of the best news comes from the "swing states" polls. I think one of the biggest surprises is New Jersey. Before the RNC, Kerry was running 20 points ahead of Bush in NJ. Bush is now within 3 points of taking the lead. That's a huge jump for Bush in a state he didn't have a chance of winning before. In PA, Bush is up by one point over Kerry. Another state that Kerry looked to have locked up. And unless I'm reading the polls wrong, in California Kerry's running at 52% and Bush is at 42%. 42% in California. That's amazing. Kerry should be running at least 20-30% ahead of Bush. I thing the Bush campaign should start putting more money and time into California. This is the first time that a Republican has even a small chance of taking California in a presidential election since Reagan. If Kerry were to loose Cali, he'd no chance in hell of winning. Far off dream, but I say go for it. With all these good numbers for Bush, the Kerry camp's resorted to re-re-hashing old AWOL charges and claiming the GOP are questioning their patriotism by questioning their record. I wouldn't be surprised to see John Kerry, before long, just attack one of his handler on live t.v. with all the stress and anger he must be feeling.

Matt over at Blogs For Bush is taking submissions for his tribute to 9/11 coming up Saturday. Go here and give your thoughts on that day and how it's affected and changed you. You have to be signed up at Blogs For Bush to submit, but you can still read them even if your not.
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing