Tuesday, September 14, 2004
I like to read the Opinion section of the local paper here. I like the letters to the editors that they have. Most are from wacko Left-wingers who blame conservatives for everything wrong in the world. However, every once and awhile they have a letter that stands out of the pack. Here's what one Right Minded Oklahoman has to say about the ACLU. Just a little background, we have a vote in the great state of Oklahoma coming up in Nov. to ban gay marriage. And guess who's trying to stop it.
"It looks like the American Civil Liberties Union is up to it again. This time it wants to find another ACLU judge who will agree with it and disallow the Oklahoma voters the right to vote on a possible amendment to the state constitution to ban gay marriage!

There were times when the ACLU actually was representing those in need of legal representation. But for the past few years, and most recently in Oklahoma, it has presented itself as 'civil terrorists', with the main objective to deprive Oklahoma and U.S. citizen from exercising their right to vote their conventions on Nov. 2.

Seeing actions taken recently by the ACLU, its carefully planned lawsuits are actually making it a 'civil terrorist' which, over time, will have a more devastating effect on the United States than the organized international terrorist - al-Qaida.

The citizens of Oklahoma should take notice of the actions by this group and go to the polls and vote their convictions"
Civil Terrorists. That's the best description of the ACLU I've ever heard.

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The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing