Friday, October 8, 2004
Just a quick thought on the debate. The last question was just asked and it was addressed to Bush. The lady asked him to name three mistakes he's made over the past four years. He didn't answer it. He started talking about Iraq. That could be a major screw up. People could latch onto that and it could really hurt him. But all in all, Bush a hell of a lot better this time around than he did last time. No winner. No one was any better than the other, but Bush did have a couple of good quips. Asking if he really owned a wood mill. "It's news to me". That was good. What this debate showed was


John Kerry thinks nothing about the country is right and Bush thinks we are a great country and are getting better everyday. I only wish Bush would have corrected Kerry about this moronic 1% tax lie. He didn't even try. And before I forget, great job Charlie Gibson. Fair questions for both Kerry and Bush. Better than Jim Lehrer. And I can't believe Kerry thought he could get away with that stem cell lie. "Talk about waffling on an issue". Bush shut him down. If you didn't watch the debate, Kerry was going on about how Bush is against abortion but allowed research of embryonic stem cells. Paramount to supporting abortion. What he forgot to mention was the fact that those stem cells were already taken from the murdered baby. Like I said, Bush shut him down on that.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing