Thursday, October 14, 2004
Finally these damn things are over and done with. And finally, George Bush won one. Just four things I want to quickly talk about.

1) I hope Dick Cheney and/or his daughter come out tomorrow, well now today, and rip the shit out of Kerry for that stunt he pulled. That was just poor taste doing that. He had no business bringing her name or sexual orientation up. Her private life had no place in the debate.

2) Finally Bush brought up Kerry's voting against the Gulf War. Bush Sr. had everything then Kerry says Bush Jr. needed to go to war now, and he still voted against it. About time it was brought up.

3) What did I learn from this debate? Bush is looking towards the future for America while Kerry's looking towards the past. Kerry brought up the 20's and 30's numerous times. He brought up the real JFK numerous times. He kept talking about what use to be. Bush, on the other hand, kept talking about looking towards the future for this country and how much better we could be.

4) And lastly, I wish Bush would have squashed that moronic 1% lie. He had many, many, many times to do but didn't. He should have shut that down once and for all.

Final thoughts. Kerry spent the whole 90 minutes trying to defend himself and his cockamamy "plans" while Bush just kept hammering him and getting off a few good one liners. Let's see what the people say about this one.

The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing