Friday, October 8, 2004
I got a comment about my post WMD Report. Someone calling themselves milan, I hope they're a woman because they called me sweetheart, posted
"Oh yeah and now you will decide what is WMD and what is not .. So great of you, sweetheart."
Well milan, here's my reply.

Weapon Of Mass Destruction. Let's break it down and define it.

Weapon - Anything used to injure, defeat or destroy

Mass -A quantity or aggregate of matter usually of considerable size

Destruction - the state or fact of being destroyed

Now, let's see if Sarin, VX, Mustard or Anthrax could qualify in any of these definitions.

Are they weapons? Yes, all can destroy human life. Can they destroy a considerable amount, or size, of people. Yes, Saddam had already proven that they could with the Kurds. Can they destroy? I think I've already stated that they could. So, what do we conclude from this. These gases that Saddam had hidden throughout Iraq are Weapons, they can cause Mass casualties and they can cause Destruction. I didn't decide to call them WMD's, Merriam-Webster calls them WMD's.

Going back to the debate. In my previous post I mentioned Kerry laughable trying to call Bush a waffler over stem cells and abortion. I just realized what the woman's question to Kerry was about. Something to the effect of "Adult stem cells and those from the umbilical cord have had proven results while embryonic stem cells haven't". That was a good point that I didn't know about. That kind of puts the kibosh on the Dems wanting to kill more babies just to harvest their parts for Dr. Frankenstein, and I don't mean Kerry, to use on people. They're so nuts for proof. "Show us proof". Well, they have they're proof, which they choose to ignore. But what else is new
The Only Thing Necessary For Evil To Triumph
Is For Good Men To Do Nothing