Thursday, October 21, 2004
"The DRUDGE REPORT has obtained O'Reilly accuser Andrea Mackris' financial records which show a combined debt of nearly $100,000!

FOXNEWS producer Andrea Mackris, who filed a multimillion dollar sexual harassment suit against top talker O'Reilly earlier this month, has I.O.U's scatted throughout the financial world, records show.

Mackris was making $93K a year when she returned to FOXNEWS in 2004 [she earned $69,088 in 2003], but records dated October 18 show she holds more than $37k in credit card debt, and $62k in student loans.

"It appears Ms. Mackris was living way beyond her means," a source close to the situation told DRUDGE late Thursday. "She's up to her eyeballs in debt."

A spokeswoman for Mackris' attorneys, Morelli & Associates, said the firm was unaware of their client's heavy load and laughed off any suggestion her financial burden was a motivation for a cash demand from FOX.

Mackris, 33, and her attorney have been ordered to appear for a hearing in New York State Supreme Court next week to divulge whether sex phone tapes exist and "show cause" why they should not be opened to examination by lawyers for O'Reilly and FOXNEWS."
This sheds new light, if not doubt, about her harassment charge.

Credit: Drudge
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