Sunday, September 18, 2005
I'm about to do something that I don't do too often. I'm going to criticize those in my own party. Specifically those who are commenting on the nomination of John Roberts. I have two issues I want to discuss.

1) The confirmation. I keep hearing from my Righties that Roberts has to be confirmed. Saying stuff like that puts us in a bad light. I don't care if he's confirmed or not. Really doesn't bother me. Like I said the whole time the filibustering of John Bolton was going on, you don't need to confirm but there needs to be a vote.

2) Second issue, the apparent litmus test. There seems to be one issue on whether Roberts is a "true Conservative" to my fellow Righties and that's Roe vs. Wade. Would Roberts uphold the ruling or would he overturn it. They seem to be worried that he my uphold it. What? While this is an important issue, there are far more important ones to worry about. Like whether these terrorist scum that are captured should be treated like an actual human or thrown in a dark cage 'till the end of time.

Guys, I hate to be the one to tell you this but this power we have is coming to an end. This country will move back to the Left either in '08 or 2012. Don't start getting to big headed cause it'll come back to bite you on the ass.
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Chris - say it aint so - you are predicting the fall of the party. I agree with you on lots of this and hope we "the righties" can find someone who isn't so far off the meter that the left might be able to tolerate him or her.

Anonymous said...

I totally dis-agrre with the premise of the country going to the left. All indications show the majority of people being conservative to moderate- conservative and those numbers are increasing. They have been every year since 1991 and do not show any trends of letting up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry John, but I hate to break it to you. Extensive post-election polling showed that the majority of people are to the left of the Republican party. It was only the fact that nobody knew where the parties really stood that the Republicans got in.

The whole "if we look like your sort of people, you don't really need to know what we do" thing.

Christopher Lee said...

It goes in cycles. I've post on this before. Every decade or so the country moves to the Left or to the Right. Not so much as in who's president, but just the mood of the country. But it does tent to have a president that reflects that mood. The 80's were a time for conservatism, the 90's were a time of liberalism and now this first decade of the new millenium is conservative. It'll move back, then back to the right, then back to the left and so on and so on.

Anonymous said...

I have always doubted your informations sources Za; and now Iam assured I'am correct. I live here. Thanks for verifying my stance is a correct one and my info sources credible. I hope during the next election cycle you will still be comming here so I can say I told you so.

Anonymous said...

"You live here" = "You know everything about the views of the entire country"?
That's a fairly arrogant statement John, even for you.

For your information, I'm quoting an interview with Noam Chomsky done earlier this year. You can find it here.

To quote it:
"So the United States just had what's called an election in 2004. The election had two candidates, both men wanting to create wealth and political power, both went to the same elite university, joined the same secret society where people are trained in the manners and style of the ruling classes and gained the right associations.And they were able to run for office because they were supported by pretty much the same concentrations of wealth and power. They had platforms, but the population didn't know what their stand was on issues. And in fact this is a very heavily polled society so we
know a lot about public opinion, the media scarcely mentioned it.
And if you look at the results you can see why. It turns out that there is a spectrum of
difference between the two Parties, but that spectrum is way to the right of the population on just about every major issue you can think of. Which means that the attitudes of the public just didn't even enter the political arena."

Interestingly this article from 2003 also highlights that. Oh and John, my advice would be to shut up about the site and read the article. Who posts it doesn't have any effect on whether it's right.

The salient points from that article are this:
"the political views of Democrats and independents are converging on one another and pulling away from the Republicans. In other words, it’s not just that Democrats and Republicans are becoming polarized against one another–the conventional wisdom–but that Democrats and independents (two-thirds of the electorate) are becoming polarized against Republicans."


"(1) the political views of youth (defined here as ages 18-29) on various policy issues–not just social, but also many economic ones–are actually relatively liberal; (2) youth have voted more pro-Democratic than the population as a whole for the last six elections, including the election of 2002; and (3) youth in the post-2002 period appear to be less supportive of Bush and his re-election than the population as a whole."

There's plenty more if you're willing to actually look. But I'm sure you'll do your general arrogant and gutless thing by passing it off as just another thing I said.

Anonymous said...

My GOD have got to be kidding. Chomsky is one of the biggest peices of crap this country has ever seen. You have totally lost all credibility now.
And no Iam not going to read that idiot. Same guy who has been predicting and promoting leftist revolution for nearly 40 years now and your still buying his nonsense. Of course you do; he's a socialist/marxist just like you. Both of you live in another demension of time and space. Anyone who would even give that site a "hit" is a complete intellectual idiot. Chomsky is consistantly wrong on everything he has ever predicted about politics and social issues concerning America.

Anonymous said...

This I will say about Chomsky; He is by far the wealthiest Anti-Capitalist I have ever heard of. Probably in the history of the planet. Makes millions off of saps like you.

Anonymous said...

A little more on Chomsky:

Noam Chomsky:

said the US deserved 9-11 because of the "extreme terrorism" of US foreign policy

praised Mao's China--during the Cultural Revolution

openly supported Vietcong terrorism and called for the same in the Philippines

supported the Khmer Rouge; denied the mass killings in Cambodia; accused his critics on this issue of lying; falsely claimed the Economist as his source

lied about the 1998 attack on the Bin Laden pharmaceutical factory in Sudan; claimed that it resulted in tens of thousands of deaths; lied, saying that Human Rights Watch was one of his sources

believes the media is a mass conspiracy putting out "systematic propaganda"

claimed that the Bosnian Muslims were America's "Balkan clients" while opposing all US efforts to deal with Slobodan Milosevic

still denies that Robert Faurisson, anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, is a Nazi

Horowitz's article lays out these pearls of Chomskyan belief:

According to Chomsky, in the first battle of the postwar struggle with the Soviet Empire, "the United States was picking up where the Nazis had left off."

According to Chomsky, during the Cold War, American operations behind the Iron Curtain included "a ‘secret army’ under US-Nazi auspices that sought to provide agents and military supplies to armies that had been established by Hitler and which were still operating inside the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe through the early 1950s."

According to Chomsky, in Latin America during the Cold War, U.S. support for legitimate governments against Communist subversion led to US complicity under John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, in "the methods of Heinrich Himmler’s extermination squads."

According to Chomsky, there is "a close correlation worldwide between torture and U.S. aid."

According to Chomsky, America "invaded" Vietnam to slaughter its people, and even after America left in 1975, under Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, "the major policy goal of the US has been to maximize repression and suffering in the countries that were devastated by our violence. The degree of the cruelty is quite astonishing."

According to Chomsky, "the pretext for Washington’s terrorist wars [i.e., in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Chile, Guatemala, Iraq, etc.] was self-defense, the standard official justification for just about any monstrous act, even the Nazi Holocaust."

In sum, according to Chomsky, "legally speaking, there’s a very solid case for impeaching every American president since the Second World War. They’ve all been either outright war criminals or involved in serious war crimes."

Noam Chomsky is not a serious intellectual of any sort. His record of supporting totalitarians, of distorting and lying about the facts, of making up sources, of using extremist rhetoric, and of outright paranoia completely discredit him. Nothing he says is to be believed; he's lied and distorted and just made stuff up too often in the past. In addition, he is a morally reprehensible human being.

Anonymous said...

Chomsky: Moonbat of the highest order; just like our guest poster Za.

By the Aussie Historian, Keith Windshuttle:

Here is a 1998 article by Brad DeLong on Chomsky's falsification of alleged facts from alleged sources, and at the bottom it contains a series of links to other pieces denouncing Chomsky's mendaciousness.

The Sick Mind of Noam Chomsky: Part II Method and Madness

Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

you should use this conversation as a post - you would probabaly win some type of award!

Anonymous said...

John, I hate to break it to you, but about half of the stuff you just posted seems to be false, and the other half is misunderstandings of what he was saying and the few bits that are true are mistakes on his part.

I love it when you make yourself to be a bigger idiot than you already are.

Heck, even those articles show a complete lack of understanding of what he actually says. The fact that the majority of those articles display the "if you don't support American political policy, you hate the entire country" argument again and again just shows them to be ignorant fools.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I left out the bit about how you completely ignored the rest of my post (in total, more than 50% of what was posted in fact) just to rant about Chomsky.

Cowardice John? Or perhaps just the "extremist hatred" you seem to accuse everyone else of?

Anonymous said...

The fact the you call me an idiot; validates my post and its research and correctness. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hardly, since you fail to even counter my arguments. You fail to validate what you say when I call it into question, and you fail to demonstrate ANY understanding of Chomsky's statements.

You're also STILL ignoring the majority of my original post - which I'm now just guessing is cowardice, not mindless hatred, otherwise you wouldn't have responded at all. Thanks for proving ME right.