Friday, September 30, 2005
I don't know about you all, but I'm sick and fucking tired of being compared to Adolf Hitler and Nazis in general. I'm not Hitler. I'm nothing like Hitler. Bush isn't Hitler. Bush is nothing like Hitler. Republicans aren't Hitler. Republicans are nothing like Hitler. We're not Nazis. We're nothing like Nazis. Yet, on a daily basis we're compared to the two by the Left. Everyday, everyday, everyday I hear myself being associated with that monster. Is it any wonder we're always so pissed? The Left in this country like to jump on the discrimination bandwagon every chance they get. Racial profiling is discrimination. Not supporting affirmative action is discrimination. Voter I.D. cards are discrimination. But, somehow, constantly calling those on the Right Hitler or Nazi isn't. On television, music and movies, we're attacked, belittled and called every name in the book like morons, terrorist and lower life forms all for one reason. We're Republicans. If that's not discrimination then I don't know what is. Where's the ACLU? Aren't they supposed to be against attacks like this? Aren't they supposed to take up the cause of those who are being discriminated, slandered and defamed? I guess it only works when that person is Liberal. Every time someone does this it just shows how truly ignorant they are. The day I order the eradication of millions upon millions of people, then you can call me Hitler. Until that day though, shut the fuck up and show some intelligence.

Why am I going off on this? Because of this. It's a double attack. An attack on Laura Bush with that asinine picture and then a typical Hitler attack on W. I guess domestic violence is funny to people like Bill Maher, but I know a couple of women who might disagree. It's no wonder I don't watch his show. Like the reporter calls it, a "pathetic hate-fest".
We Have Every Right To Dream Heroic Dreams.
Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

You need a "media vacation." Maher is just a sick idiot - plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

I find this amusing actually. How does it feel to be on the receiving end Chris?

All us "America hating" left are more than fed up with the crap you spout towards us. We only disagree with you, and suddenly that makes us "hate" America, and "support" terrorists?

You're right, Bush isn't Hitler. They share a few characteristics. Most people do though - given that we're all humans. Mostly the characteristics they share are in their rise to power, not their policies, although they do act fairly similar. And no, by "act", I don't mean "goes of and kills thousands of people" (although he's done that), I mean politically. The extreme nationalism is the same. The "with us or against us" thing is the same. Their speeches are very similar in style.

C'est la vie. You want someone who's policies MORE resemble Hitler's, that's John Howard. The point is twofold. Firstly, you do the exact same shit to us. Secondly, if you stopped calling Hitler a monster and keeping all the facts at armslength, you'd actually see the similarities.

BohemianLikeYOU said...

Damn Straight. This piece is right on.

I posted a piece making fun of that jackass Maher on my site.

Fight the Power and Keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that said, Maher's show WAS stupid.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch that bum anyway.

Christopher Lee said...

I use to watch Politcally Incorrect, but that was before he went totally over edge with his insanity.

Jake said...

Reporter?! No one from NewsMax is a reporter.

As for the Bill Maher thing:

Oh, boo-hoo. Boo-hoo. Someone from the left makes a joke about someone from the right. Boo-hoo. Boo-fucking-hoo.

I can honestly rewrite that entire "report" from my viewpoint while watching Fox News. Listening to Bill O'Reilly or Sean Hannity or Brit Hume or whoever call every person with a left-leaning stance a "Communist" or "America-hater" or some other Hitler-reference.

Too bad. So sad.

Jake said...
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Jake said...

Here's something interesting.

Hitchens, who defended Laura on Bill's show after the "Hitler's dog" reference, once used a Hitler reference himself.

I'm shocked. Truly, I am.

Christopher Lee said...
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Christopher Lee said...

Jake, so you think domestic violence is funny? Call me stupid, but I just can't laugh at something like that. There's nothing funny about a man who beats a woman. A friend of mine went through that and her pictures aren't funny at all.

Jake said...

No, I do not find the act of domestic violence funny. I do, however, find a joke about the act, when the act is not real and is just a joke, funny.

Let's give you an example. I used to like Steve Austin. Then this

happened. If he were hit by an 18-wheeler, the driver then stopped, backed over him, then burned out the tires over his body, I would find that to be both funny and punishment for him. But not enough punishment.

M.C. Steve said...

Yer right! Y'all aren't Nazi's. The Nazi's were socialist fascists. Supposedly republicans and conservatives are for smaller central government, more states rights, fiscal responsibility, fewer taxes, and a strong military. That is not, by any definition socialist fascism.

Now, the current administration has increased government spending beyond what any right thinking, right wing, republican could possibly call ‘fiscally responsible,’ has increased the government bureaucracy through programs such as ‘No Child left Behind,’ used strong-arm tactics to smear ‘enemies’ and stifle debate, and has tried, repeatedly, to subvert and skirt the laws set down in our Constitution. The same document conservative republicans claim to put so much emphasis on sticking to the letter of.

So, no, republicans and conservatives aren’t at all like socialist fascists. But the current administration must be taking lessons from somewhere. Maybe it’s Stalin and not Hitler. But I don’t think it’s either. I think it’s home grown. Good ‘ol American greed and hunger for power. I mean, Dubya admits to not reading. How would he ever have found out about the Nazi’s? Nah, that’s giving him WAY too much credit. No, I just think you, and 59,054,087 other Americans (assuming you voted in the last election, and assuming you voted for dumb-ass, er, I mean Dubya) are just a bunch of easily led automatons...I prefer the term 'lemmings.'

And your also right about the fact that I don't have to like what you say. This is America. And we all have a right to be publicly stupid. And as I see from your blog, you've been taking advantage of that right!